Skin Tightening


What are millia / whiteheads?

Millia or whiteheads are deeply seeded white bumps that form when skin cells and other debris become trapped in your skin and cannot exfoliate naturally. You can get them anywhere, but they usually form around the eyes and cheeks. In combination with bacteria, whiteheads can cause acne and in severe cases lead to cystic acne.

The most common cause of whiteheads is using skin care products that are either too heavy, not suited for your skin type or are of poor quality. You can also get them when you get too much sun and develop thicker skin with more blockages. Alternatively, some people just have the type of skin which canít exfoliate itself properly.

Here at Rouge the therapist will insert the tip of a sterile Apiderme probe just inside the edge of the whitehead. Sometimes it will pop out at this stage, if the whitehead has not been there a long time and is still soft and liquid. Otherwise a tiny electrical current is used to liquefy the hard oil trapped in the skin. The results are usually instant and permanent.

Price: (15min) €25.00

With any facial Ė extra €10-00